7 essentials for your beach packing list

avoid getting scorched, stay hydrated, and entertain your kids

Planning a beach day with kids? Here’s the secret to packing your beach bag: you don’t need that much. kids. You could put together a cooler with carefully arranged snacks. Tow a beach wagon with 600 toys. Have a beach tent with chairs. There are a million things you could tote to the beach – or, you could just take the bare essentials. First, you need drink water to stay hydrated. Then, you’ll need to remember apply enough sunscreen so you don’t look like a scorched lobster at the end of the day. Finally, bring the right toys to entertain your kids. Here’s your beach packing list for your family, with only the things you need.

Beach Packing List

beach day with kids

Beach Packing List: Protect your skin

  • Long Sleeved-Rash Guard – because they are fantastic sun protection you don’t need to reapply every 60 minutes.
  • Goodess Garden spray sunscreen – a women-owned company, started by a mom who couldn’t find safe products for her daughter. She’s created a reef-friendly, organic, mineral sunscreen without all of the junk, safe for her kids and safe for yours. Spray is sooooo much easier than lotion. Yay!

Beach Packing List: Stay Hydrated

  • Hydro Flask or Klean Kanteen – an insulated cup to keep water cold. Better than a water bottle. Keeps water ice ice ice cold, all day long.

Beach Packing List: Shoes + Bag

  • Native Shoes – our shoe-obsessed daughter refers to these as her “natives” like they are Louboutins. These are perfect for sandy beach days.
  • Beach bag – it doesn’t have to be cute like a Lilly Pulitzer bag, but a cute beach bag is a happy thing to tote.

Beach Packing List: Entertain Young Kids

  • Melissa & Doug Sand Cupcake Play Set – Our 4-year-old LOVES this little toy. The other person who loves it? Me. It’s fun creating sand cupcakes.
  • Puddle Jumper – what to wear if your child wants to get near the water. I’m not a fan of the ocean. Lame, I know. But it’s terrifying and I’d much prefer my children getting covered in sand next to the waves rather than be in the waves. (tip: how to tell if sharks in the water.) A puddle jumper is a coast-guard approved life floatation device our kids use in the pool and same for the beach.

Bonus: capture the beach memories

beach day, taken with our GoPro

Happy beaching, y’all!

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  1. 6.15.19
    Jodie Bush Miller said:

    Love this! Ordering the cupcake maker today! 💖

  2. 6.15.19
    Hatton said:

    It’s seriously so cute!!