Struggling with kids meals for picky eaters? Here’s a genius trick.

Take the fight out of feeding picky eaters
Struggling with kids meals for picky eaters? Here’s a genius trick.

Coming up with kids meals for picky eaters can be more exhausting than running a marathon when you’re out of shape. You’ve been in this situation: “I’m hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” cries are quickly drowned out by refusals of all the foods you suggest. Take the fight out of feeding picky eaters with a genius mom trick: create a visual menu so they can pick and choose from the options available. It empowers the kids, it’s fun, and it limits their choices.

I have to give credit to my mom, who endured many long conversations with me trying to figure out how to feed our daughter healthy options. She said, “why don’t you create a menu with pictures of the things she can eat?” Well, wow. That’s simple. And of course, it worked.

Step one

First, make a list of any and all foods your child likes. Next, read your list to your child for a thumbs up or thumbs down (and add silly things like worms!) Ask them to add items to the menu. Make it fun. Involve kids in the process. It will get them excited about their new menu.

Step two

Finally, turn your list into a pretty menu. Go to Canva and use one of the free menu templates to create a fun, kid-friendly menu with their options. Here’s an example:

Menu: Kids Meals for Picky Eaters

Kids Meals for Picky Eaters: Menu

Even though the menu does not feature a picture of all of the foods on the list, we use this menu to give our daughter options. Just having the menu gives us the option to say “here are your choices, and the only choices you have.”

Having a menu avoids arguments, and gives you an approved shopping list.

Bon Appétit, picky eaters!

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