ShopList: Everything you need to organize school supplies

rolling cart arts & craft collection from The Container Store

Let’s suppose you really want to organize art and school supplies. I’ve analyzed a lot of Pinterest, follow professional organizers on Instagram, read articles… and while the clutter battle rages on in most households (🙋‍♀️) it’s really pretty simple to avoid (in theory.) All of the articles, organizers, and tips really involve throwing junk away and then organizing the remaining stuff in three simple steps:

  1. Use different containers for different items. As in, don’t mix the markers with the crayons. Make sure everything has a container. Getting the containers is the first step. If you want to make it really simple, just get the rolling cart arts & craft collection with all of the containers needed for your school supplies!! Container Store makes it simple and doesn’t make you debate over which things to get, how many you’ll need, or click more than once. It’s just one collection with everything you need.
  2. Have a spot for everything. If you designate a place for it, it’s easy to put it back in it’s spot.
  3. Arranging by color makes everything look prettier and tidier. Go for the rainbow. ROY G. BIV it. Or, go for monochrome to create a cohesive look.

Some organizers like to label everything, which I do think adds an unnecessary but pretty detail – especially if you’re using clear containers. If you want to get organized, the Container Store is the place to shop for products and ideas. The blog has a million different ideas with links to purchase the products.

Rolling Cart & Accessories Collection

Everything you need to organize school supplies, in one click.


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