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Let’s chat about quarantine beards. Men who grow a beard LOVE the beard. It’s a special kind of proud. LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE CREATED! ON MY FACE! I MADE THIS ALL BY MYSELF! ADMIRE MY BEARD! Honey, really! So PROUD of you for skipping shaving! A fete a woman would never be able to get away with accomplish!

Today, we are sharing tips and gift ideas to bestow on the beloved beard. Ahmed Nayel is the co-founder and creator of Bare + Bloom, a local natural skin and hair care company. He shares shaving tips for men, as well as the natural products to use to care for facial hair:

Shaving tips and Beard Care

Bare + bloom

by Ahmed Nayel

Co-founder of Bare + Bloom Naturals

Shaving tips from the Bare + Bloom blog

Beards are in, and that’s not changing any time soon! Nevertheless, it’s important to keep your beard clean and use proper shaving techniques.

Beards are dirty. That’s a fact. But it doesn’t mean the scruff has got to go. If you do have a beard, be sure to keep it clean and healthy by using a good beard oil with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Even with a beard, many still have to shave their necks to keep things tidy and presentable.

Keep the beard clean: Ustaz Beard Oil

Shave daily. The activity of shaving exfoliates the skin, keeping it clear and healthy. Unfortunately, most men are shaving improperly, a practice that typically leads to rashes and razor bumps. Razor bumps occur when facial hair is cut too short and begins to grow back but cannot properly penetrate the skin. This is especially prevalent in men with curly facial hair.

To treat or prevent razor burn, razor bumps, and rashes, use the shaving techniques and practices outlined below:

  1. Soften your hair with an effective before-shave oil.


  2. Prep your skin

    Thoroughly massage your moisturizing shave butter onto the desired area to properly lubricate the skin, allowing for a smooth and frictionless shave.

  3. Shave with a proper razor

    Ditch the disposal multi-blade razor. Not only is the single-use plastic razor bad for the environment, but it also traps nasty bacteria in between the blades and cuts your facial hair too short, leaving you exposed to environmental toxins and susceptible to razor bumps. Shave with a quality single-blade safety razor using a sharp, fresh razor blade. Go with the grain and avoid multiple strokes over the same area.

  4. Moisturize

    Ditch traditional shaving creams. Most are made up of harsh, chemical ingredients that dry the skin rather than moisturizing it. If you do use traditional shaving cream, be sure to rinse it off after you shave and moisturize with a light cream or after-shave oil that won’t clog your pores. If shaving with our hydrating and soothing Bumpy Goneson shave butter, leave it there. No need to wash away that super-moisturizing and skin-healing goodness.

Give the beard a gift

Shop online with Bare + Bloom, a local natural skin and hair care company. Bare + Bloom products are certified all-natural, is non-GMO, and free of preservatives, gluten, and BSE. (Plus they do not and will not ever test on animals.)

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