My Billie Razor

Ladies, after testing a bunch to find the best razors for women … I found the best. My Billie. The magnetic dohickie that sticks to the side of the shower is cool. And the shave? Smooth. Super smooth, because it has some sort of a soap strip that makes the razor glide. The body wash (which is better than shave gel), which I considered omitting initially then splurged the extra $9 is DEFINITELY worth it. No razor is going to make shaving the best part of your morning, but My Billie makes the chore a little less horrible.


Monthly cost: Get started with My Billie for $9, and $9 after for 4 blades monthly. Add an extra $9 if you love the sudsy body wash (which you will!)

No razor is going to make shaving the best part of your morning. It will always be a chore. A great razor that doesn’t cause razor burn is all a girl can ask for…

My Billie is a fantastic razor (and it’s pretty!) designed for women with the ability to subscribe for cheap refills. Ultimately, I’ll keep using My Billie.

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