Champagne Dog Toy

Every dog needs a champagne dog toy, obviously. Here’s the best thing about ZippyPaws dog toys – the middle isn’t stuffing the dog can tear apart, it’s a water bottle! Plus, the toy squeaks. Our dog loves this toy!

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Champagne Dog Toy from ZippyPaws


Info from Amazon:

  • No Stuffing – Rather than soft and squishy, these toys provide a satisfying crunchy texture and sound that dogs love.
  • Refillable – Each Happy Hour Crusherz toy comes with an empty water bottle that can be replaced as necessary to refresh the crunch as needed.
  • Squeaky Cap Included – Comes with a squeaky water bottle cap that can be reused and added to any new bottle used to fill this toy sleeve.
  • Zippypaws Quality – ZippyPaws means design and quality. At our core, we stand for only giving your dogs the best. Count on ZippyPaws for all of your dog toy ne