Beautiful Decorative Trays

Beautiful Decorative Trays to style up your southern home

We’ve rounded up pretty trays to decorate & organize your home – some trays can be PRICEY, but these are all affordable and under $100 (most are under $50!)

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Ideas for decorating with trays

Pretty decorative trays clear the clutter, organize small objects, and add visual interest to spaces in your home. Here are a few ways you can use trays in your home to organize & style:

Coffee Tables: using a decorative tray lets you balance out the design of your table by mixing in large objects with small objects. Group the small objects on your tray to create balance.. In the article “15 designer tips for styling your coffee table,” HGTV recommends creating a grid and using a mix of high and low objects.

Welcome a guest: adding a tray on your guest bed is an inviting way to welcome your overnight guest with a bottle of water, magazines, and a pretty flowers! It adds a pretty touch to the bedroom and is easy to move. Read also: Guest room ideas on a budget

Organize your clutter: whether it’s your loose jewelry in a closet or your skincare products in the bathroom, a tray will organize the clutter and make your space look instantly organized and cohesive.

Kitchen items: Round up anything small that you have on the counter (olive oils, salt & pepper) or by the sink (soap, brushes) on a tray to make it look organized & styled.

Office desk: all the little things like a stapler, jar of paper clips, and pens that could be lined up or scattered will look neat and tidy corralled on a tray.

Wine night: add your wine snacks and a bottle of wine on a tray to carry over to the couch for a movie night in style.

Entryway dropzone: Trays are the BEST for keeping your keys, sunglasses, loose change – whatever it is that you’d drop someplace (or lose!) will be kept in one spot if you have a tray in the right place.

Bedroom: keep your bedside table pretty with a decorative tray for your books, glasses, hair ties, and anything else you take off before you crawl into bed.

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