Pajamas I can’t live without: the best nursing PJs

best nursing PJsAre you looking for the best nursing PJs? Look no further: I discovered them for you.

My husband once commented, “It is amazing to me how quickly you change into your pajamas the moment you come home.” I take this as a compliment.

Eva Mendes may be circulating the internet for her off-handed comment about sweatpants, but I do not classify Soma pajamas in the same category as old sweatpants. In addition, I am pretty sure my husband likes me more for my personality than just my good looks at this point in our relationship, nearly ten years later.

A few years ago, I discovered the comfort wonder that is a pair of Soma pajamas. I buy them when they go on sale, and so far, have accumulated three pairs so they can be in solid rotation with the laundry. I wore the same size prior to my pregnancy, during my pregnancy and post pregnancy. I LOVE THEM.

During my pregnancy, I just unbuttoned the bottom buttons and wore a tank so my belly could stick out. Now, they are the best nursing PJs and I just have to unbutton the top few buttons.

Soma has a nursing collection, however, I just have the regular button-down pajamas and they work perfectly.

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