On your feet: the most comfortable heels for work

Choosing the right shoes can impact your workday, particularly if you have an on-the-go job which requires footwork. As an event planner, I never know what unexpected task will present itself: changing a lightbulb, fill-in for catering, speaking to an audience, greeting high-profile guests, hanging banners. Some days, I am on my feet for 8 hours at a time. Other days, I am sitting behind a desk or attend a lot of meetings. Occasionally, I have to get up in front of people and speak into a microphone with an audience staring back at me. I need to look polished wearing comfortable work heels while having the flexibility to lightly jog towards the next proverbial fire in need of extinguishing. Shoes are the one element of a work outfit which can really make a difference in comfort. Unhappy feet = miserable day.

Here are a few suggestions for comfortable heels for work (please note: stilettos are for days when a light jog is not required.)


Equally as comfortable as flats, except more flattering. A podiatric surgeon in Self’s article, “What Wearing High Heels does to your Feet” recommends wedges as a more foot-friendly option. Wedges are the cross-trainers of work heels. Tory Burch wedges may be an investment – but they are substantial. Mine have traipsed miles so far, and show very little wear and tear.

my favorite Tory Burch Wedges on Zappos or Nieman Marcus


Pumps are wedges’ first cousin. The shoes are comfortable. I wore patent leather Naturalizer pumps with a cushiony sole to my most recent event. By the end of my 11-hour day, I was ready to take them off and chuck them angrily into a fire. Someone gave me a cookie and another had to retrieve a coke. My ire towards the shoes dissipated with the influx of sugar. Pumps with a thick, short heel still give a little bit of height without the extremely uncomfortable angle of a stiletto high heel.

my favorite Naturalizer patent leather pumps


Y’all, please do not wear stilettos on days you need to stand or walk a lot. JUST DO NOT DO IT. There is not one vain reason in the world that can justify the pain that stilettos inject into your feet. Except… stilettos do look fantastic with a dress. Or cropped pants. Or a pretty pencil skirt. On days you need the boost of confidence a sophisticated outfit with stilettos provides, wear the stilettos. Just be practical… and toss a pair of wedges in your bag as back-up.

my favoriteCharles black stiletto

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What are your go-to comfortable shoes for work?

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