Ok Go’s Umbrella Magic in ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ Video

Here It Goes Again synchronized treadmill dance has been viewed more than 50 million times (but it still doesn’t make the top 10 of most-viewed YouTube videos of all time.) And now, the band has produced another mesmerizing music video. Wait it out until the end. It’s insane.

“To be honest, it’s a bad business model,” Kulash says. “The way to make money on YouTube is to make something extremely fast and sh*tty, and do it often. But this is a decent business model for a bunch of nerds who like making stuff.”

Popular Mechanics article, “This is how you make a music video now

But this video is far from sh*tty, and it was not fast to make. It took 50 or 60 tries to get it right!! The video was created in partnership with Honda, which provided the motorized scooters. Billboard breaks down the making of the video, noting that it’s all shot by a drone and is one continuous shot.

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