Morning rush solved: the best daily makeup & hair products to look your best

How do other women look put together every day? Is there a secret? We were curious, so we asked our community of professional women to share their favorite daily makeup, beauty products & routines. Here’s what we learned…

It turns out, the trick must be dry shampoo and simple, go-to makeup.

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Dry Shampoo

For women who sleep in and still want to look flawless at work… dry shampoo that spritzes your hair into presentable.

Sleep in late, then hustle : “After snoozing for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, I have to h-u-s-t-l-e! Shower, brush teeth, contacts in. Then it’s time to look human. My hair is never clean so thank God for Not Your Mother’s Hair Care Dry Shampoo and  Beautycounter! A spritz of dry shampoo and BC’s Flawless in Five and I am out the door!” –Meredith, Single lady getting stuff done

And we hear an echo to the dry shampoo shout out…

“I could not live without dry shampoo & a hair straightener.” 

– Eileen, Mother to Casey, wife to Steve, daughter of Christ.

Organize the Night Before

Organize the night before, a good blow dryer, Beautycounter and PIXI makeup, matte lip gloss, Kate spade jewelry – Alicia, Mom, lawyer, northerner in south, writer wannabe

“I have to prep the night before or it makes for a chaotic start to the day. I wash my hair at night and layout my outfit. I have a simple makeup routine. Can’t live without the old school maybelline great lash mascara in blackest black. Aveda confixor hair gel helps hold my wave and keeps the frizz away.” -Keri, Creative, Design Obsessed Mom with Moxie

A Simple Makeup Routine

“HA! I don’t know that I do! I typically don’t leave the house without using my eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler and mascara. But I will also typically 
put on my Dew Skin Moisturizer, concealer and cream blusher. All 
Beautycounter. For hair, I love Davines Sea Salt Spray.” – Diane, Fabulous working mom who likes eating

Tried & true since age 15 : Matrix Sleek Look hair products- I’ve sworn by them for years and keeps the beach humidity under control. KMS humidity spray as well. I’ve been a strict Clinique girl since I was about 15- gets the job done from start to finish without breaking the bank.” Pam, loves travel, food, family, wine & fun

Simple. Aveeno moisturizer. Maybelline BB cream foundation with SPF.
French Vanilla Clinique shadow. MAC shadow in Naked Lunch and
eye pencil in Stubborn Brown. Best eyeliner ever. Never going back!
NARS blush in Orgasm. L’Oréal mascara. Neutrogena concealer.
Hair: John Frieda wax to texture the ends.
Most days Tresseme dry shampoo. – Sara, SAHM, Christian, Style-Enthusiast, Writer, Runner, Wifey

Yoga & Coffee

Yoga, shower with a quality shower cap (!!!), dry shampoo. Good coffee with Fairlife chocolate milk. Hot coffee in winter and cold brew in summer. Also add locally made elderberry syrup to coffee for allergy relief and overall health.

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