Milky Piggy

A crazy face mask that bubbles up all over your face
Milky piggy face mask

As we grow older, our skincare routines changes from fighting acne to fighting fine lines.

Growing up, if you’re an elder millennial, you probably endured odd skincare routines. Noxema was the gold standard for a skincare routine which promised flawless skin. The distinct smell, a mixture of cleaning solution and toothpaste, had a slight burn which made you feel as the white goop was working uncomfortable magic. Then, you may have graduated to department store beauty and used Clinique soap, stored in a mint green container. It was slimy and gushy after about two days (ew.) But I promise you NOTHING can compare to the oddest of the odd: the Milky Piggy face mask.

Noxema’s superpower was the tingly sensation. You could feel it working magic on your pores, right!? The Milky Piggy Face Mask has that same physical reaction. First, you scoop the charcoal glob all over your face. Then, it tickles and soon it tickles A LOT. You can hear the bubbles. A few minutes later, the mask puffs up and makes you look like “the wicked witch” according to my husband. You look weird, you feel weird, and the reaction surely must mean the mask is doing something brilliant for your skin.

What does it do? Shrinks your pores, boosts your ego.

More skincare recommendations: I’m very into my Biossance anti-aging skincare products and the Beautycounter Vitamin C serum.

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