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keep your kids’ stuff straight at school with Name Bubbles labels
Machine-Washable, Dishwasher-Friendly Name Labels
Name Bubbles labels

We like to label EVERYTHING from t-shirts to pencil boxes to water bottles for our kids going to school – because anything that isn’t labeled is going to get mixed up and disappear at school. Name Bubbles kindly offered to send me waterproof, laundry-safe name labels to try and I am a fan. These name labels for kids will stick on water bottles, tags of clothing, and fabric so you can label everything.

I’ve experienced a few permanent marker disasters. I’ve ruined several t-shirts because my handwriting bleeds through the back (oops) – plus, it’s not easy to read even if you attempt to put it on the tag. Water bottles, lunchboxes, and all the school supplies could stand up to a sharpie but it’s just not as cute as these stickers – plus usually are illegible after a few weeks.

Skip the marker and stick these cool machine-washable, dishwasher-friendly name labels from Name Bubbles on their jackets, sweatshirts, and all the clothes that typically get mixed up at school. Or at activities like drama, sports, dance, etc. Seriously – you just stick them on, and they can run through the washing machine.

My daughter loved picking her label design out – it was a tough decision between rainbows and unicorns, but the unicorn won. Unicorns always win. I got school packs which include several sizes, some waterproof and some clothing labels, to use on everything.

Bonus for shopping with this company: I love supporting women-owned companies, and usually find philanthropy is always a part of their mission. Name Bubbles gives $1 of every school pack purchase to non-profit Blessings in a Backpack.

Good Taste Guide uses affiliate links to share products we recommend. Thank you to Name Bubbles for sending me these labels to review!

Shop Waterproof, Laundry-Safe Name Labels for Kids

Machine-Washable, Dishwasher-Friendly Name Labels

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