Colorful Little Lilly Pulitzer for a Delightful Spring Break

“Ask Mimi,” was my first surprised response that my daughter, the defiant t-shirt wearer, would even consider wearing something as girly as a little Lilly Pulitzer jumpsuit. (I always dressed her in the preppiest Southern baby clothes, until she was old enough to reject the smocked.) But she was as resolute as a bride finding The Dress. My daughter wanted to marry that Lilly jumpsuit, and thankfully, her Mimi obliged. She wants to wear it daily, but I have had to explain that she can only wear it on weekends when I can unbutton the top for her to go to the bathroom.

She really does love her Vala Jumpsuit – she has it in 4/5, and she’s a skinny tall thing, and it fits but she has room to grow.

She also pretty much wears this Lilly popover daily – I like it because it’s a good jacket in mild weather, she likes to store rocks and small toys in the pockets. Win win.

Random tip for washing- my daughter really does love Lilly, which is kind of funny since she is insistent on wearing t-shirts and leggings and definitely not dresses, so we have some experience… I try not to dry the clothes to keep them in the best shape, but inevitably miss them and they all do fine in the dryer. Some clothes lose their color, but these don’t. I’d still recommend washing and hanging dry, even though we have not had an issue!

For all the little Lilly lovers… some cute items for spring break – hopefully you have a Mimi, too 🙂

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