Get Low, Get Low: Liven up Your Next Party with a Light Up Limbo Game

Have you seen this wild video of the world’s leading limbo champ?

Shameka Charles holds the Guinness Record for the lowest limbo – and her skills are certainly fascinating to watch as she shimmies under a car (!) and under a limbo stick held up by two beer bottles. Let me clarify this, in case you didn’t watch the video: there is one bottle on one side, and the other bottle on the other and together they hold up the limbo stick. She is skinny, limber and skilled enough to limbo under the height of one beer bottle.

What a bizarre dance game and talent to master. Impressive, no doubt, but still a little odd, right?

According to the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, the Limbo originated in Trinidad and Tobago as an event that took place at wakes. It became popular in the 1950s when native dancer Julia Edwards made the dance mainstream by appearing in films and taking her dance troupe on worldwide tours. Then, Chubby Checker sealed the deal for the party dance with his 1962 hit Limbo Rock, giving the game a soundtrack with the popular line “How Low Can You Go.”

The Limbo is sure to come out at pool parties and vacation resorts this summer.

A few suggested songs in addition to Chubby’s original that will definitely get wine-enthused guests excited to bend backwards and shimmy under a stick:

Add the Limbo as an activity to your next summer soiree or supper club, your guests will surely be amused.

Tip: If you’re going to go under the limbo stick, make sure to set down your glass of wine first.

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