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look your best while putting forth the least amount of effort

The no makeup look is and always will be the It Thing. Yet, you need makeup to achieve this no makeup look. Such is the perplexing state of affairs for daily life as a woman trying to look her best. Legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown sees you. She understands you. She created Jones Road makeup for you.

The products are simple to apply.



Play well with mature skin.

These are the type of products you’ll want to wear daily.

Let’s talk about a few of these you’ll want to try first… the foundation, The mascara (yep, with a capitalized The,) a crazy lipgloss-looking eyeshadow, and an intriguing product entitled Miracle Balm.

Jones Road

What the Foundation

for natural-looking skin

This has been the most popular product in the line, and for good reason. When you wear it, you’ll feel like you’re having a good skin day rather than wearing a layer of makeup. It just blends into your skin naturally, providing a pretty base for any other makeup you want to wear.

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The Mascara

a lengthening but not clunky mascara

Finding a clean mascara that doesn’t smudge, flake, or look like I’ve caked black clay on my eyelashes has been a major challenge. I want my eyes to have the drama of long lashes without looking like a raccoon a few hours later. I love this mascara.

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Jones Road Miracle Balm

Jones Road Miracle Balm

This is the most-talked about product, for a few reasons. First, it’s so unique – a moisturizing balm with color, that makes your skin naturally flushed and dewey. Who doesn’t want to look flushed and dewey? The balm is hydrating, tinted, and provides a cool hint of color. I got this one in Golden Hour, which has a pretty golden glow and works well as a highlighter. I want to try other shades, in this particular order: Magic Hour for a light bronzer, Flushed for a pretty blushing blush, and Dusty Rose for a pinky tan color.

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Sparkle Wash

like unicorn dust for your eyelids

I tried this in Midas. The platinum sparkles are magical. Not for everyday work meetings, but perfect for a fun night out!

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