Is BarkBox worth it?

Yes, and here’s why every new puppy owner should subscribe.
Is BarkBox worth it? Yes, and here’s why every new puppy owner should subscribe.

We got a golden retriever puppy. Like any new puppy owner, we were inundated with advice and tips and alllll the products to buy. I asked a friend, “Is BarkBox worth it?” His recommendation was a resounding YES. So we subscribed. Our pup chewed the BarkBox toys instead of furniture, and that’s enough to be brand-loyal for life. For that reason, I recommend every new puppy owner should subscribe!

BarkBox for Puppy Review

Our dog loves all of the toys + treats from Bark Box, which arrives monthly on our doorstep with clever themes like the Grinch for Christmas (antlers, grinch stuffed toy) and candy store for February (stuffed gumball machine toy, etc). The subscription is definitely worth the price, which you’d end up spending every trip to Target and Pet Smart on new dog toys. Boxes start at $22/month.

Each of the BarkBox has a theme which will make you laugh. They are all so clever. This is our unboxing of “The Spy Who Licked Me,” starring our 10-year-old:

BarkBox Puppy Unboxing Video

As you can see, SO MANY TOYS. It’s great! And puppies tear toys apart kind of quickly, so having lots of toys keeps them chewing toys and not furniture. Plus, she loves the BarkBox dog treats!!

She truly loved toys, and never started chewing on anything that we didn’t want her to (like our nice furniture.) I really think the endless new supply of toys was the reason she was such an incredibly well-behaved puppy.

Every new puppy owner should subscribe to BarkBox
Every new puppy owner should subscribe to BarkBox

Puppies will chew BarkBox Toys & not your stuff

BarkBox sends a box of toys and treats monthly, and during the puppy-chewing stage, this was ESSENTIAL. Our puppy got a LOT of exercise – my husband took daily long walks around the neighborhood (and lost 30 pounds!) – plus, she had lots of play dates with our neighbor’s lab which wore her out. She was chill in the evening, sleeping rather than hyper running around the house (which was my fear!)

Good Taste Guide is an affiliate of BarkBox, which means if you make a purchase we could make a commission, but we recommend this amazing company because of our own happy experience.

Sign up for BarkBox Puppy

BarkBoxes start at $22/month, which are a great value for the quality of toys and treats included. Plus, can you really put a price tag on your pup’s happiness? Or, let’s be honest, can you really put a price tag on your dog chewing toys instead of your stuff?? My answer to the question, ”Is BarkBox worth it?” YES, every new puppy owner should subscribe to BarkBox. This also makes an excellent gift – we’ve sent boxes to new puppy owners as gifts! Sign up at BarkBox


BarkBox Subscription

Cool dog toys + treats delivered monthly (totally worth the price!)

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