Invest in a chic work capsule wardrobe like Sallie Krawcheck

I have a confession to make. My style icon is not a cool fashion blogger. She’s not a model, she is not in the fashion world. She’s an incredibly smart and savvy business woman. She’d probably be annoyed (but also hopefully flattered?) that a blog post dedicated to her wardrobe is even a thing, given her million or so accomplishments. However, creating a chic work capsule wardrobe like Sallie Krawcheck is a solid investment.

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Why is Sallie Krawcheck so cool?

Besides the fact she’s posing with Melissa Ethridge?

She’s enviably smart, she testified in Congress this week, she writes killer articles like my recent favorite, “Just Buy the F***ing Latte.” She started a company, Ellevest, that attracts investors like Venus Williams and women like me (same budget, just shrunk by about 99%.) While she’s delivering all of her inspirational financial wisdom (like invest 10% of your income, no matter what) and explaining why women are irreplaceable in the workplace, I can’t take my eyes off her simple but SUPER CHIC wardrobe.

What is Ellevest?

Sallie Krawcheck is a champion for women’s financial security, and founded Ellevest, a company dedicated to women investors. After a career in investing (as in the former CEO of Merrill Lynch), Sallie set out to create an investment company to put more money in the hands of women. Women do not invest at the same rate as men, and she’s leading the charge to fix the issue. She is also the chair of Ellevate, a professional network for women.

Ellevest makes investing SO EASY. You can sign up and start investing in less than 10 minutes. Ellevest’s financial team manages portfolios, so you just need to set your goals (save for vacation? kids? emergency?), the amount you want to invest, and let the Ellevest team of experts invest for you. I love it – it’s really simple and easy to use. Plus, sign up for Ellevest and get $20. Free money. Get you some.

Sallie’s Style Matters

I KNOOOOOW this is a superficial, borderline tacky comment to make. But, hear me out. I think I can make a case that a wardrobe is in fact important. Men need power suits, but women get to be more creative. What we wear sets the tone for what we want to say – whether that’s in person or on camera.

Here’s why Sallie’s style works beautifully: her clothes aren’t distracting. She doesn’t wear busy patterns or distracting jewelry. Sallie doesn’t choose a stodgy suit. She adds just enough of a modern twist with a Moto jacket to make her chic and relatable without being too edgy and outlandish. Everything she wears has clean lines, simplicity. Female politicians should take note. Entrepreneurs pitching investors should take note. I’ve taken note. You should take note. The best part? You can wear all of the items again and again and look great every time, without the need to keep buying new clothes.

Like it or not, wardrobe matters.

A great outfit boosts our confidence. When we are confident, we steer away from negativity and build others up. We have the confidence to voice our opinion in meetings. We stand up. We shake hands. We don’t slink away in the corner. Confidence gives us the energy to take risks, to be an advocate, to be more creative, to try something new, to perform at our peak. All good things stem from our confidence level – so if beauty products and style boost our confidence – believe me, it is NOT superficial. Investing in our wardrobe becomes imperitive.

The good news? Sallie’s look is simple, classic, timeless, and can be built one piece at a time. It’s classic and chic – but also not so loud or noticeable that you can’t wear the same items on repeat. Here’s how to get Sallie Krawcheck’s enviable modern Town & Country look. (I am nearly certain she probably invests in designer pieces, but I’ve picked affordable items to consider!)

Build a chic work capsule wardrobe

A Moto Jacket (or two)

oh, so so cool. Pair it with something bland like a plain solid dress or pants, and you’ve achieved the unicorn of women’s work fashion: professional yet still cool.

Solid color, tailored dresses

You can wear these for decades.

Crisp, white shirt

Fitted and flattering.

Flattering pants & skirts

Go for comfort.

Simple Gold Jewelry

Julie Vos, all the way. Not exactly affordable but beautiful. Worth waiting for: sales. Sign up for the email.

The Bottom Line

Investing in your professional wardrobe is smart. Investing in solid, basic pieces that boost your confidence and you can wear every week is also smart – own the basics and you don’t have to have to buy new items each season. Invest the rest in Ellevest.

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