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This app is like having a fitness coach in your pocket. The Aaptiv app is AWESOME – and as similar to Orange Theory as you can get. You can choose a treadmill or outdoor run – and a coach is in your ear motivating you to push harder and talk you through intervals (along with a fun playlist!)

I tried a million different apps (ok, so probably not quite 1,000,000 but it felt that way.) This one is by far my favorite.

Other workout categories include treadmill, outdoor running, stretching, indoor cycling, meditation, Pilates, strength training (with instructional videos!), elliptical, yoga, and stair climber.

All of the workouts are searchable so you can find what you’re looking for based on difficulty, equipment, how long you want to go, music, and trainer.

If you have an Apple Watch, the app has an Orange Theory-like zone meter to show when you’re working the hardest. Plus, you can download the workout to your watch and leave your phone behind.

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Aaptiv app free trial

Aaptiv App Free Trial

Try out the Aaptiv app for free! My favorite workouts include the Greatest Showman Treadmill run, Build with Bruno (mars) tempo outdoor run, and Hip Hop HITTs.

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