drink this red wine + watch Murder Mystery on Netflix

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esk valley red blend

Wine Night In

The Esk Valley Red Blend is a $20-something red blend to pair with Netflix. Tastes like dark fruits like plums and super ripe cherries (but not in-your-face cherries like a pinot noir), plus a little bit earthy to give it a rich, deep punch that makes it a delightful glass of wine. Try watching the Jennifer Aniston + Adam Sandler Netflix movie, Murder Mystery, for a Agatha Christie-ish comedy drama.

Rosé and a blowout

The fancy Drybar, founded by incredible entrepreneur Alli Webb, is a blow out salon with a product line. Now, you can sip rosé while getting a blowout at Drybar. How fun is that? (And if you don’t have a Drybar in your area, maybe just sip rosé and DIY blowout?)

Raising the Bar Podcast

Not only does Alli Webb have a cool business that makes women feel fabulous while drinking rosé (#lifegoals), she has a fantastic podcast for entrepreneurs – Raising the Bar. Alli and her brother, Michael, interview entrepreneurs about their business. Great guests and engaging stories. Add to your queue!

To Do on Fridays: Take out a pen

We are connected 24 hours a day but we need to press pause. Taking a break makes us more productive, but sometimes it’s hard to find the off-switch. Can you relate?! I have a solution for you: every Friday, I take out a pen to write notes and write out my plan for the next week. It closes out my week so I can shut down work for the weekend. HOORAY! Interested? Read how to close out your work week so you can enjoy the weekend.

Just Wow. No more annoying commercials with women folding laundry?

The Brits have declared it: asking women if they are “beach body ready” is ludicrous and dangerous. Thanks, UK Advertising Standard Authority for drawing the line on stupid gender stereotypes. Banning gender stereotypes in advertising is an extremely important move to acknowledge the influential role media plays in our perceptions. And if we only see women folding laundry and men in business suits in ads… well, ugh. Just stop. Let’s match the ads to reality, please and thank you.

Have a fun weekend! Friday Cheers is a series, and I share five fun things each week that make me happy. Hope you enjoy!

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