Do not miss out on Beautycounter’s biggest sale of the year!

No doubt about it: the best time to shop for Beautycounter is when they offer a site wide discount! Beautycounter’s biggest sale of the year is 15% plus free shipping on orders over $50 – and that’s on top of your band of beauty membership perks. (if you aren’t a band of beauty member now, consider joining for 15% plus free shipping on orders over $100 and a free gift!) Beautycounter favors the gift with purchase and not a straight discount, so a sale like this does not come often. Take advantage. The sale ends December 1.

Disclaimer… I’m a Beautycounter consultant for one reason and one reason only: I buy all of the products because I’m obsessed with them and decided to try to offset my purchases by selling them. All I’ve really done is buy more Beautycounter with my discount. My husband thinks this is spending more money while I argue I’m saving more money. So, if you click on a link and make a purchase, I’ll be forever grateful. PLUS, I am not trying to change the world or make this my business so I’ll give you my honest opinion on any of the products and which ones to buy, so if you want to reach out and have questions, I’m happy to chat with you about what to try. Just send an email to hello (at) Or you can just keep reading.

Let’s get to it. What should you buy?

Gift Ideas

Beautycounter Gift Sets are gorgeous this year

The gift sets are all pretty and available at great price points. Plus, many of them can be split into several gifts like the lip gloss vault and the jellies. Personally, I want the sparkly eye shadow set. You could get the lip gloss vault set and put one with a little bow or in a pretty little bag (I’m sure Target or TJ Maxx has cute, cheap makeup bags!) for friend gifts. Same with the jellies!

And, don’t forget to shop for you!!! Here’s what to try, if you’re not already a Beautycounter fan:


Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer : I wear this instead of foundation – it’s a moisturizing base with a hint of color and sunscreen.

Opal Lip Gloss : this just makes you look glam instantly, even if you’re wearing zero makeup.

Hibiscus cream blush stick : natural looking rosy cheeks, somehow avoids that blush look. Also reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara pinching her cheeks for that rosy glow before seeing Ashley Wilkes 🌹

I also love the satin powder blush in nectar – it has a slight shimmer to it.

Caramel cream blush stick : use instead of bronzer for a natural looking sun kissed look

Classic Eye Shadow Palette : a bronze-y collection for your eyes to make blue eyes pop and brown eyes sizzle. Ok, I thought that sounded super beauty bloggerish haha. But seriously, I dedicated an entire blog post to this eye shadow palette last year!

(P.S. – read my five minute makeup routine for what I wear everyday!)

Skin Care

I am obsessed with the new Countertime skin care line. I did a deep dive on which products to try first if you don’t want to splurge on the entire line. (read Beautycounter Countertime Anti-Aging Skincare Line: What to Try First)

a fun video with all of the special holiday sets

And that’s that! Of course, all of the products are great but the skincare and makeup are my personal favorites. I am happy to answer any questions you have – seriously! Send me an email or comment below. I’ve loved most of the Beautycounter products I’ve tried and am happy to give you my honest opinion.

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