Dagne Dover Tote is the best bag for work

A pocket for everything

If you’re looking for the best women’s work bag, let me introduce you to the Dagne Dover tote.

Dagne Dover tote

My Dagne Dover classic tote was the marvel of my breakfast meeting last week. I sat DD down on a table. She has excellent posture: no slouching or need to awkwardly set it against a wall or chair. Like children to a puppy, the women in the group gathered around the tote. “What kind of bag is this?” one asked, while the other chimed in, “I love the color!”

You’d think by the enthusiast reaction that I’d set down a legendary Birkin.

My coworkers examined the classic exterior, and I opened up to show off the pockets on the inside. My laptop, morning coffee in a Yeti tumbler, Levenger Circa notebook, three fancy pens, my makeup bag, phone, and keys clipped on a strap fit snuggly in this bag. The sturdy shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry.

All were dutifully impressed.

Why the Dagne Dover tote is the best women’s work bag

This is the best work bag I’ve ever carried. The Dagne Dover is stylish, affordable, and keeps everything you tote organized in a specific pocket. Since I’ve been carrying it, everything has remained organized and easy to find.

It’s not an anomaly this bag is perfectly designed. Dagne Dover’s founder spent years listening to the likes and dislikes of customers at a Coach outlet. She incorporated all of that feedback into the design of the Dagne Dover classic tote.

I have the classic tote in medium. The Allyn is a beautiful leather tote if you’d like a different option. I’ve sent helpful texts to my husband with the color choice (the coral is on sale!) as a gift idea. 

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