8 STEM Toys for Pre-Schoolers

Cool STEM toys for pre-schoolers

If your kids are like mine, they go crazy over toys they can take a part and put back together. Encouraging science, technology, engineering and math can lead to full-ride scholarships and dream careers with enviable salaries. More importantly, STEM toys keep little ones occupied! Here are fun STEM toys for pre-schoolers to encourage little engineers. We have a 2 and 7 year old, so I’m always on the hunt for building toys they can both enjoy.

1. Tinkertoys

Hands down, probably the best toy we own. We’ve added to our set over the years, and both of my kids continue to play with Tinker Toys building their own creations. (Mostly swords for the boy!)

2. 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set

With projects and pieces for ages starting at 3, this is a toy that will grow with your kids… and great to bring out at a play date to keep a group occupied! 

3. Coggy

Fat Brain Toys has a line of smart, colorful, and cool toys. Described as “folding, clicking puzzle of arranging gears to match challenge cards,” and recommended for 6+, this one may be fun for younger ones to explore without the cards and older ones to use a single the puzzle. 

4. Lego Duplo Sets

These are endlessly entertaining, and just as much fun for adults to stack and build and create as it is for toddlers. Shop Amazon

5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks

Build forts for stuffed animals, castles for knights, houses for babies… basic building blocks for endless creations. A classic.

6. Gears! Gears! Gears!

An Amazon best seller, this colorful toy includes 96 interconnecting pieces for kids to sort, group, and design spinning gear creations.

7. Cupcake Shape Sorting

Match the shapes in cupcakes – I know mine would love this puzzle featuring her favorite birthday dessert!

8. Design & Build Skate Park

Woah, what little kid wouldn’t want to play with this cool set? Recommended age is 5+ 

Blogger Hazards: I have either purchased or plan to purchase all of these toys on this last after researching for this blog post… share your favorite STEM toys in the comments!

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