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My kids love the Disney+ show “Be our Chef,” which is a cooking competition hosted by Angela from “The Office.” Families compete against each other cooking dishes inspired by Disney movies – it’s really fun to watch, and everyone gets into it guessing which family’s dish which will win. Great family entertainment. Bonus: kids are now interested in helping in the kitchen! So, when offered a Raddish Kids cooking kit to review, my immediate answer was “COUNT US IN.”

Raddish Kids is a monthly cooking club for kids, teaching all of the basic cooking skills for kids to gain confidence in the kitchen. Let’s be real… if I can teach my kids to cook, and teach them that chefs are also in charge of cleaning, meal time will be a breeze…

Raddish Kids Review
Raddish Kids recipes + activities

What’s included: The cooking kit includes recipes, conversation cards, a kitchen tool, an apron patch, and activity cards. The Raddish recipe card includes all of the ingredients you’ll need to purchase at the store, plus easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to make the recipe. We had three recipes, and chose the chicken lettuce wraps for our first kitchen adventure.

We aren’t quite at the point I’m ready to hand over a sharp knife to my five-year-old to mince, dice, and chop. Even though I didn’t get out of cooking, we had a blast making chicken lettuce wraps together. She was mostly motivated by the cool carrot patch as her reward for learning to cook the recipe.

While she was prepping the ingredients, I was taking one-handed video. No major accidents or disasters. Impressive, right!?

My five-year-old LOVED it. I let her hold my hand while chopping, helped squeeze the lime, and let her scoop and pour all of the other ingredients. She has a little stool we keep in the pantry so she can be at counter height in the kitchen- I know there are fancy contraptions for kids in the kitchen, but the $20 stool from HomeGoods works perfectly (and also helpful for adults to reach too-tall shelves.)

Older kids can be more independent and really learn the basic skills needed to prep a meal. One of my friends has a nine-year-old who can do the recipes almost all on his own!

If you’re interested in trying… Raddish Kids is a monthly subscription, sending recipes, activity cards, a cool kitchen tool, and an apron patch. A month-by-month subscription is just $24, or you can save by paying for the entire year for $20/month. This would make an EXCELLENT gift for grandparents to give for a birthday or holiday!

Good Taste Guide is a Raddish Kids affiliate, which means we may make a commission if you click or purchase, but all opinions are our own!

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