Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Shop for gifts that encourage your kids to be creative + active (and off screens!)
Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

You know the gifts your kids insist they want are probably going to be discarded ten minutes after you finish wrestling with the plastic zip ties locking its’ parts into cardboard. The ones they will play with – anything open-ended like games or outdoor toys – are the ones not on the list, but the ones they will love the most.

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  • Encourages creativity
  • Engages them again and again, for a long time
  • Gets them moving outside
  • Is something that they can play with someone else

Outdoor toys, games, arts + crafts kits, books, and building toys are all the gifts for kids that will encourage creativity and activity.

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Cool Kids Toys

Outdoor Toys: Anything that will get your kids playing outside is worth the investment. Driveway toys like a Razor Scooter or Ezyroller will be endless entertainment for your kids (and their friends!) A basketball hoop will get so much use for the whole family, plus you can always get new basketballs (like a light-up basketball) as gifts later.

Building Toys: Anything that requires concentration like a building toy also requires time. Building toys keep your kids engaged and entertained. Of course, with complicated lego sets, you’re going to have to help. Magnatiles are fun for adults and kids, there really is no age limit.

Craft Kits: We love anything from Kids Made Modern, which you can buy from Target or the Kids Made Modern website. The kits contain everything a kids needs for cool craft projects. Kiwi Crate has several subscription options for toddlers to STEM-themed for older kids, which is an awesome gift from grandparents and family members who ask for gift ideas.


Kids Toys: Our favorites

We have an 11 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. Here are the toys we’ve purchased and the ones they’ve actually loved.


  • Magnatiles: the best toy that everyone loves, regardless of age
  • Legos: both of our kids were into Duplo sets, our son got into constructing the pretty complicated Lego sets as he got older, and our daughter likes the smaller Lego sets
  • Our Play Kitchen was fun for both kids (still have it for our 6 year old!)
  • Driveway toys: Razor Scooters (all kids love these!) and E-z rollers (honestly fun for adults, too)
  • Games: Clue, Tenzi, Uno, Qwirkle, Ribbon Ninja
  • Crafts: we love our Let’s Make Art kids subscription and anything from Kids Made Modern which you can buy on or Target
  • American Girl Doll (my mom made her dresses! Our daughter loves to dress them up.)
  • Pokemon cards + other stuff (ugh, sorry but it’s true)
  • Puzzles!
S’mores fishing pole
S’more’s Fishing Pole

A s’more’s fishing pole is a fun gift for the family!

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