A Baby Gift Moms Will Use Every Year: Birthday Cake Silver Candle Holders


One of the prettiest and most unique baby gifts we received were Reed & Barton birthday cake silver candle holders. “So pretty!” I thought, and stored in a drawer, thinking, “I don’t have to worry about the first birthday party for forever.” Then time, as it tends to do when you have a baby, hit fast forward and ZOOM! Here we are. A year later.

The first birthday.

It’s a mix of nostalgia, triumph, joy and I’ll admit it – sadness. Nostalgia as you think about the moments in the hospital. Triumph because… yay! Survival! There has been so much joy… and then sadness… you can’t go back in time and hold that 3 month old ever again. (Sniff! Sniiiiiff!)

DSCF0597As a second-time mom, I realized the first birthday is most certainly not about the baby but about the mom. So, I planned the party accordingly: my girlfriends came over, the ones who did not have the seasonal flu (yikes!) and we drank champagne while my baby girl toddled around the house showing off her hilarious party trick, which is throwing both hands up in the air anytime someone yells “PARTY!” (Taking it to the next level will be teaching her to wave ’em in the air like she just don’t care.)

The pièce de résistance was the pretty silver 1 on top of the monogrammed birthday cake… (see photo at the top!) The set has 10 numbers to use each year – even sweet for anniversaries! This is a really special baby gift and one I plan to give to friends. 

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The pretty silver Reed & Barton Number Candle Cake Toppers are available on Amazon.


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