49 of the best summer sandals for the workplace

Sandals for the workplace: a potentially contentious topic. Bustle’s guide to sandals at work rules out flip flops. Sixated agrees. Your boss agrees. However, the same sources agree that sandals are appropriate for a business casual workplace. As long as you have a pedicure and you’re not in a formal business suit, break out the sandals for summer office hours. Here’s a roundup of the best summer sandals for the workplace:

Sandals & Heels

flats for office days, heels for meetings


🎵 So why don’t you slide… 🎶 (use the arrow to scroll through picks)


more comfortable than heels

Rules for Summer Sandals

DO expose your toes only when you have a pedicure

DON’T wear the same flip flops you wear to the beach

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