Affordable arts & crafts supplies for toilet paper roll crafts

On a roll with tricked-out crafting
supplies for toilet paper roll crafts

TP has become an even more precious commodity in our house than it was in April 2020. Finishing a roll becomes a noteworthy achievement! It creates supplies for Toilet Paper Roll Crafts. My daughter proudly walks out of the bathroom with her next blank art project. Finishing TP = art supplies. 😂

As weird as it may be, crafting with an empty TP roll is actually fun. We’ve created monsters with three eyes, a Valentine dog with heart-shaped ears, fancy creatures with necklaces and arms… it’s exciting to glue stuff.

Our arts and craft table isn’t pretty. It’s a fold-up event table from Costco, along with two little plastic chairs from Costco. First, we have a rolling art cart that’s organized, but doesn’t look like the sparkling, bright photos you see on Pinterest. Next design offense: glitter coats the table. In addition, scraps are on the floor until the vacuum sweeps them up (which is not a daily occurrence.) And that’s the point: it’s messy. Art is messy. Not every room in the house has to be spotless and magazine-ready. (Note to self. I’m guilty of this!) Maybe this is a blog post for another day, but our homes should be functional – pretty so they make us happy, yes! – but we can’t stress so much about how something looks over how we use it.

Our art room used to actually be pretty. I had a sofa, artwork, carpet. Back then, we rarely used it. Now, it has a treadmill, art cart, big bin where I stack old art projects, and the rolling art cart. It’s not pretty, but we use it hours every day. So, if you sometimes stress over how your house looks, remember the memories you are making are more important than the style statement you’re making ❤️

Basic supplies for toilet paper roll crafts

This is really all you need to keep on hand:

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue

Next level supplies for toilet paper roll crafts

These extras had that something extra to your toilet paper crafts, like jewelry for an outfit.

Cool craft kits with everything you need

If you want the most tricked-out toilet paper roll crafts, splurge on a craft kit. They have all the coolest arts & crafts supplies you could ever want to make every single craft on Pinterest.

supplies for toilet paper roll crafts
TP heart dog

Easy toilet paper roll crafts to make

Happy crafting, ya’ll!

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