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create the Valentine crafts of your sweet dreams
30 Super Simple Valentine’s Craft Projects for Kids

Are your kids craft-crazy? While we’re all spending a looooootttttt of time inside these days, arts and crafts are the ticket to get kids off their screens. Luckily, Michaels, Target, and Amazon offer kits with everything you need to create the Valentine crafts of your sweet dreams! Here is a round-up of kits, supplies, and ideas for simple Valentine’s craft projects for kids.

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Valentine Arts and Crafts:

30 Super Simple Valentine’s Craft Projects for Kids

Kids Made Modern Valentine Craft Kits

The design your own Valentine kit, Valentine craft kit, and the I heart Jewelry Making kit will keep your kids crafting for hours! This company has a monthly subscription to their craft club, and will send craft projects to your family every month!

Heart ♥️ Crafts

All the foam hearts, stickers, glittery things to make cute heart-shaped crafts for Valentine’s Day

  1. Valentines Day Craft Kit for Kids
  2. Valentine’s Day Heart Emoji Foam Stickers by CreatologyTM • $5.59
  3. 42ct Scratch Art Hearts Pink/Red – SpritzTM • $5
  4. Glittery Valentine’s Day Foam Stickers by CreatologyTM • $2.09
  5. 28 Pieces Valentine Crafts Scratch Paper Ornaments Heart Shape Rainbow Scratch Craft Art, with 28 Pieces Wooden Styluses,28 Pieces Ribbons, and 2 3D Puffy Stickers, for Valentine DIY Art Decorations • $11.99
  6. Glittery Valentine’s Day Heart Foam Stickers by CreatologyTM • $2.09
  7. Koala Mailbox Valentine’s Character Kit – SpritzTM • $5
  8. Valentine’s Day Heart Felt Stickers by CreatologyTM • $2.09
  9. Paint Your Own Ceramic Hearts – SpritzTM • $5
  10. Heart 3D Plaster Kit by CreatologyTM • $2.09
  11. Valentine Heart Felt Ornament Kit by CreatologyTM • $2.79
  12. Mixed Glittery Valentine’s Day Foam Heart Shapes by CreatologyTM • $2.79
  13. Heart Lacing Kit by CreatologyTM • $2.09
  14. Craft Valentine’s Bucket – SpritzTM • $5

Make Your Own Valentine Animals

These inexpensive craft kits have everything you need to make cute Valentine themed animal crafts!!

  1. 🌈 Rainbow Mailbox Valentine’s Character Kit – SpritzTM • $5
  2. 👹 DIY Valentine’s Monster Bag Decorating Kit – SpritzTM • $3
  3. 🦄 Unicorn Mailbox Valentine’s Character Kit – SpritzTM • $5
  4. 6ct Character Card Kit – SpritzTM • $5
  5. Paper Tube Character Craft Kit – SpritzTM • $5
  6. Valentine Character Pom Kit by CreatologyTM • $5.59
  7. 🦩Flamingo Pom Craft Kit by CreatologyTM • $2.09
  8. 🐊Crocodile Valentine Mailbox Kit by CreatologyTM • $3.49
  9. Assorted Pop-up Valentine Card Kit by CreatologyTM • $2.09
  10. 🐞 Ladybug Foam Craft Kit by CreatologyTM • $2.09
  11. Sticker Valentine Cards by CreatologyTM • $2.09
Valentine simple craft ideas

Ideas for Simple Valentine’s Craft Projects for Kids

Here are some fun projects to try with craft supplies you may already have at home:

  1. Valentine’s Day Trinket Dish uses air dry clay and paint
  2. Pipe Cleaner Bead Heart
  3. Kids Monster Valentine Box
  4. DIY Paper Roll Valentine’s Creatures
  5. Toilet Roll Love Bugs (so cute!)
  6. DIY Unicorn Valentines from Foam Hearts

More Valentine Craft Ideas on Pinterest:

Easy Shopping for Valentine Craft Supplies

Curbside Pick-up at Michael’s & Target will save you so much time!

Michael’s and Target offer curbside pick-up so you can shop online and someone else shops for you. It is AMAZING. Avoid all of the lines! Avoid searching for the right aisle! Just put it all in your online shopping card and a few hours later your order is ready for pick up. This is by FAR the best way to shop for crafts!!

After you’re finished with your crafts, get baking! Check out time-saving Valentine’s Day baking supplies and recipes for the cutest cake pops, mini donuts, cupcakes & cookies.

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